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Meet the creative visionaries behind The Woodland Alchemy.

Roxie Zwicker has been connecting with spirits all her life. A gifted reader and intuitive for over 25 years, she has been teaching and speaking on metaphysical topics throughout the northeast for over 15 years. She is a business partner and the house reader for Deadwick's Ethereal Emporium located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Roxie's company, New England Curiosities has been offering tours and events based on New England history and folklore since 2001. Roxie is the published author of 7 books and she has been featured in the Boston Herald and the New York Times. She is the hostess of Wicked Curious Radio and co-hostess for Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition radio show. Her TV appearances include New Hampshire Chronicle, the History Channel and the Travel Channel. She is also a USUI Reiki Level 2 practitioner and brings the power of positive energy to all that she does.

Chad Cordner is a 2 time New England Emmy Nominee for editing and photography with 14 years of experience in cinematography all over the east coast ranging from professional BMX teams, Central Florida Lincoln commercials to feature films such as Grace of the Father. Chad has edited films such as Taken By Request which premiered at the New Hampshire Film Festival and The Ghost Light at Halloweenapalooza in Ottumwa, Iowa.  Chad has directed nurmerous television events such as The Inspiration Awards and the Spotlight on the Arts for PPMtv. Chad currently resides in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and is working on an exciting new project with a music group called Bitter Pill that incorporates music videos and theater.

Roxie Zwicker

Co-Producer, Assistant Director, Writer

and Actress

Chad Cordner

Director, Editor and Cinematographer

Jenna Greene, “The Greene Lady”, is a weaver of musical myth and magic. With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams.

She beautifully interlaces her Celtic, World Folk and New Age influences to create a presentation of haunting ballads, drum-driven dance tunes, lilting harp and mythic story.

Jenna is currently celebrating the release of her fifth album, "Wings," a collection of songs about hope and transformation.

You can find Jenna performing at Celtic, Cultural, Faerie, Goddess, Renaissance, Natural Living and Holistic Healing festivals.  She also performs for weddings and other special occasions.

Stacy-Lynn Sheppard is a Mother, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Minister.  She is a lifelong medium and guide to the "other side".   Stacy's mission is to educate, support and empower everyone she works with. Her programs are powerful in their simplicity, designed to enable her clients to live a motivated, balanced life through lasting lifestyle changes.  With 20 years in the Financial Industry Stacy-Lynn knows first hand how important mental and spiritual well being is in regards to professional success.  Stacy-Lynn is also the founder of  The Church of A Higher Energy, which assists people in all aspects of their life journey. 

Knate Higgins does weird well. Born and raised right outside of Portland Maine, Higgins started his career as a producing artist at the age of 15 working with The Movies on Exchange street by reviving “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Since that cinematic moment, Knate found a niche (and passion) within his community to create events and safe spaces for people to be…well…“weird”.  Higgins is now the creative director, and general manager of Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium (the Seacoast’s largest metaphysical and curiosity shoppe).  Knate incorporates mysticism into his drag performances, which can be seen at 3S Artspace that headlines “Bunny and the Fox.” Knate believes that “magic is art and art is magic,” that the two go hand in hand. In both his performances and in his work, he believes that combining art and magic hits people at their core and allows them to tap into their own potential.

Robert McClung is an award winning, Billboard top ten charting composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in New Hampshire. With a long history in the music business he has performed and recorded with a diverse array of artists such as The Commitments, 202 The Band, Nine Shades of White, The Makem Brothers, T.J. Wheeler and Nik Turner's Hawkwind.  Robert is the founder and creative force behind the progressive rock band Telergy, which has featured performers from groups such as Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Yes, Kansas, Queensrӱche, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Living Colour.

Jenna Greene


Jenna Greene

Stacy-Lynn Sheppard

Soundtrack Composer, Singer, Harpist

and Actress

Stacy-Lynn Sheppard

Knate Higgins


Knate Higgins

Robert McClung

Composer and Musician

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